A playful wonderland in a modern setting, guppy is evocative of a different land with a charming courtyard and a bar. Well priced with an exceptionally wide selection for vegetarians and a wide variety of meats for non-vegetarians, we invite you to discover that Japanese cuisine is so much more than just raw seafood.‎
At Guppy we are fiercely devoted to freshness, hygiene and technique and use light, fresh and seasonal ingredients. Most of the dishes, from mains to the condiments are made from scratch in the Guppy kitchen.‎
Visit Guppy for the most delicious set lunch menu this side of the orient. Guppy introduced India to one of the hottest international food trends – the Ramen Burger which is served during lunch hours. ‎
The Sunday Table Brunch at Guppy has a delish selection of soups, appetizers, steamed buns, tempura, sushi, grills, Japanese pizza pancakes, mains, rice, noodles and desserts.‎
The Guppy menu is now also available for delivery.