Chef Name: Chef Rishim Sachdeva

What started as a chance encounter with a bitter but delicious apricot kernel at age 6 has ended up taking Chef RishimSachdeva on a transcontinental journey culminating in him taking over the hallowed kitchens at The Olive Bar & Kitchen, Bandra.

A lover of seasonal ingredients, Chef Rishim leans towards classic techniques like fermenting and preserving, processes that enable one to extract flavours and textures that last through the year. For example, he says, the flavour of Indian gooseberries and strawberries are intensified when turned to a vinegar or a pickle. Chef Rishim is also incredibly fond of cooking that happens off the heat, whether in the form of smoking or curing. On the flip side, he also thoroughly enjoys working with tougher cuts of meat and painstakingly nurturing them with braises, confits and the like.  A minimalist, he believes that taking out an ingredient rather than adding one usually improves the flavour of a dish.

Be it his introduction to the world of traditional French cuisine at Marco Pierre White’s Michelin starred ‘The Oak Room’ or blurring regional boundaries with his edgy, modern menu at Olive, Chef Rishim has always pursued creative freedom that allows for experimentation and collaboration. For him, the legacy of the Olive brand has meant a versatile clientele that plays a huge part in an evolving vision for the future.