Chef Name: Chef Arun D’Souza

Chef Designation: Executive Sous Chef

Chef Arun started his career in Miami, working with one of the biggest and best steakhouses in the city while pursuing a degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University. After graduating in 2008, Arun refined his craft with a stint at the Miami Art Center working with culinary big wigs Anthony Bourdain and Jacques Pepin.

According to Arun, ‘Experience is only as good as what you take away from it. This brief spell with Chefs of this caliber whom I look up to, respect and admire taught me a great deal, the least of which was how to incorporate my cultural background with my innate strengths as a cook and global citizen’. As a result of this influential period in his life, Chef Arun’s core food philosophy developed to embrace simple fresh flavours, using local, seasonal produce.

After Miami, Arun travelled the Caribbean, picking up styles , techniques and flavor profiles along the way from Panama to Jamaica.
Now, after 7 years under the Olive umbrella, handling and opening our outlets in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and currently Hyderabad, Arun has come into his own as an inventor and creator who, above all, revels in the simple pleasure of a happy diner with a full belly.