Chef Name: Chef Darius Madon

Darius Madon is a pukka Parsi who grew up eating Parsi fare. Having dabbled in various international cuisines, he feels that while showcasing Parsi food in a restaurant format, it is essential not to play with the classic flavours. It can be done with some other cuisines but definitely not Parsi food.
Darius has a penchant for lightly flavoured and simplistic food. He believes in cooking food the way it is supposed to be, using the correct techniques for the given products. Respecting ingredients and produce are the basics of his food philosophy.
His first food memory is baking his first cake at age of six and selling his first cake at seven. Yankee Doodle - essentially a mac n cheese on a sizzling plate - devoured in Goa at age of five brings a rush of childhood memories of love for classic comfort food. Meats, grills and barbeques have a soft spot.   Cooking Kolmi no patio at SBOW is therapeutic for him.

He fondly narrates his love for Mutton Dhansak, “My grandmom would cook Mutton Dhansak for my sister, myself and my grandfather every Sunday. We would have to wait at the table for him to arrive.

He would then take his time to eat his eggs. He did not like the yolk so he would feed one to me and one to my sister. We had to go through this routine to have a go at the Dhansak, which made it ever so special.”