AD Singh, Managing Director

Anyone remotely interested in fine living and dining in India will have heard of AD Singh. In fifteen years, AD (as he is affectionately called) has steadily led the gastronomic revolution that has swept the country. His restaurants in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad are as beloved for their cuisine as for their indefinable aura of chic comfort and camaraderie.

Born in Delhi, AD moved to Bombay to study at some of the city's premier institutes. A scholarship at Lafayette, Pennsylvania beckoned, post which he returned to India to work with blue-chip companies like TCS and Cadbury's, before discarding his suit and tie to spend a year with various NGOs. As enjoyable as it was, it wasn't a viable career. Today, though, he still ensures that his brands contribute to the community.

In 1988, AD launched Party Lines, an event and party management company. Just Desserts, a jazz café that served only coffee and desserts opened soon after, and was an immediate hit. Over the next decade or so, AD conceptualised and launched a host of successful ventures - Copa Cabaana, the hugely popular Latin bar; Soul Kadi, Soul Fry and Soul Fry Casa, which serve home-style coastal cuisine; The Bowling Company and Suzie Wong, Bombay's first floating bar. He also played a part in the successful conceptualisation and marketing of the Guestline Hotel, The Ripon Club and Jazz by the Bay.

In 2000, AD opened the Olive Bar and Kitchen, voted one of Bombay's top five and India's top twenty restaurants by Outlook magazine. 2003 saw the launch of Olive in Delhi, which was immediately chosen as one of the world's best new restaurants. Olive Beach followed in Bengaluru, which was named one of India's ten best restaurants, amongst several other accolades. Olive Beach in Delhi, in the leafy environs of the Diplomatic Enclave, is another feather in his proverbial hat. As is the Olive at Mumbai's Racecourse, with its neighbouring stable of blue-blooded racehorses.

AD builds great restaurant brands with his special combination of creativity, hard work, warmth and innovation. His recent offerings include Guppy by ai, a lively Japanese-inspired restaurant; and LAP, a members-only restaurant; both in Delhi; the Monkey Bar gastropub and the elegant likethatonly Asian inspired restaurant in Bengaluru, The Olive Bistro at Pune, The Olive Bistro at Hyderabad, and Sodabottleopenerwala in Gurgaon. These spaces, each distinct and unique and all immediately popular, prove definitively that he still has his finger firmly on the pulse of public taste and opinion.

AD's sterling reputation as an expert restaurateur is matched only by the enormous warmth and goodwill his name generates among the country's food-loving elite.

Sabina Singh - Director

Her strong individualistic style and expression have helped create a buzz around her label 'Horn Ok Please' in a very short time. She plays an active role at Olive by lending her creativity and aesthetic expertise in creating different moods and settings at every Olive. Sabina's strong individualist style and expression is evident around every turn at these charming spaces. The Olive Bistro in Pune, and the Olive Bistro at Hyderabad are testament to her fine eye for detail, and expertise with colour and textures. Sabina is an integral part of every new venture by the Olive Group.

Chandir Gidwani - Director

Chandir Gidwani is the Founder and Chairman of Centrum Capital Limited, an integrated India-based financial services group. The Company was established in 1977 and listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange, with a market capitalisation of approximately USD 500 million. The group has interests across investment banking and corporate advisory, infrastructure and project funding, fixed income, equity broking, real estate, foreign exchange, travel, wealth management and private equity. The company employs over 1,500 professionals and services clients through over 100 offices in India and its offices in Dubai, New York and London.

Mr. Gidwani holds a Masters degree in Commerce from Bombay University and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. He is a member of several industry associations, including FICCI, CII, etc. and also serves on the board of many leading companies. Apart from Financial Services businesses at Centrum, he also runs a proprietary investing business focussed on mid-sized Indian companies, called Business Match.