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Where is Olive Bar & Kitchen headquartered?
Olive Bar & Kitchen is headquartered in Mumbai.

Where can I get information on the directors and investors for Olive Bar and Kitchen Pvt. Ltd.?
To learn about our directors and investors please click here!

How many brands does Olive Bar & Kitchen own?
Olive Bar & Kitchen owns 9 brands:
˙ Olive Bar & Kitchen
˙ Olive Beach
˙ Olive Bistro
˙ Guppy by ai
˙ SodabottleOpenerWala
˙ Monkey Bar
˙ The Local
˙ The Moving Kitchen
˙ The Fatty Bao

How many restaurants does Olive Bar & Kitchen operate through subsidiaries and directly?
Olive Bar & Kitchen through its subsidiaries operates 4 restaurants and bar and directly operates 8 restaurants and 1 outdoor catering unit.

How do I make a reservation at one of your restaurants?
To make a reservation at one of our restaurants you can either phone the restaurant directly or click here to email one of our restaurants nearest to you.

How can I provide feedback of my experience at one of your restaurants?
Your comments are important to us and we invite you to share them. Please click below on the brand you are interested in and it will guide you to a form.

Where can I find information on available job opportunities?
We’d love to introduce you to all existing career possibilities at Olive. For more information please visit our careers section here.