In November 2000, we opened a rustic hideaway in Bombay where food, drink, laughter and conversation gently merged in a Mediterranean melting pot of warm sunshine and good company. To our joy, it became an overnight sensation and won recognition both across India and on an international level.

In November 2003 we followed up with Olive in Delhi, set in a beautiful haveli, which was immediately selected by Condé Nast Traveller as amongst the best new restaurants in the world.

In October 2005, we created a new product, Olive Beach, and opened it in Bengaluru to rave reviews. In its first year, it found mention in the Condé Nast Traveller, and has been rated as one of the 10 best restaurants in India.

In 2007 we followed this with a similar product, Olive Beach in Delhi. Set in the upscale locale of the diplomatic enclave at Chanakyapuri, the restaurant’s chic yet friendly atmosphere and unobtrusively stylish service strike the right balance between camaraderie and intimacy.

In 2008, we threw open the doors of our second eatery in Mumbai, at the leafy expanse of the Amateur Riders Club at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse. The restaurant is reminiscent of a rustic cottage in the Mediterranean countryside, complete with a neighbouring stable of purebred horses. 2008 also saw the launch of our third offering in Delhi, ai – a fascinating blend of Japanese culture and new age art, luxury and style. In its new avatar, launched in 2013, Guppy by ai offers imaginative Japanese cuisine in a colourful, edgy space, where the bold flavours of the food take centre stage. After ai came the opening of LAP, the very exclusive, members-only lounge in Delhi.

In 2012 two of Olive’s finest talents, Chef Manu and Business Development Manager Chetan Rampal, launched two eateries under the umbrella of a new company. Monkey Bar, the Olive Group’s first gastropub set in the heart of Bengaluru quickly became the hangout of choice for the city’s younger set. On the heels of Monkey Bar came likethatonly, a stunningly designed bar and restaurant in Bengaluru’s affluent Whitefield locality. likethatonly’s eccentric and elegant interiors and South Asian inspired mash-up cuisine have garnered high praise from press, partygoers and diners alike.

2012 also witnessed the opening of The Olive Bistro at the Pune Club, set in the sprawling grounds of a 125 year old British Raj cottage, catering exclusively to the affluent, well-travelled members of The Pune Club. Inspired by bistros across Europe, Olive Bistro is a design and dining delight, packed to bursting from its first few weeks of existence.

In 2013, we launched Olive Bistro Hyderabad, a tranquil space away from the city, up in the hills of Durgam Cheruvu, overlooking the Secret Lake. The eatery is a more affordable, trendy and casual avatar of Bistro, with rough white walls and flowered cobblestone alleyways that transport you to Santorini. A classic rustic bistro with a big heart.

Sodabottleopenerwala, an Irani style café with a madly delicious twist, was launched in the bustling DLF Cyber City at Gurgaon. Its quirky décor and superb variety of Parsi and Bombay street-style flavours have earned it rave reviews and queues at the door through the day.

In the near future, we look forward to the launch of Olive Bistro at Delhi, a warm, informal space along the lines of the Olive Bistros at Pune and Hyderabad; as well as a few other surprises.

Watch this space.