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“A white walled bungalow, tranquil in the sunshine with serene views of a secret lake.”

A white walled bungalow. tranquil in the sunshine. Serene views of a secret lake. White cobblestone stairs that wind past flower beds spilling colour. Groups of friends and family basking in the warmth of good food, wine, and the pleasure of living. And, with dusk, comes a distinct shift in mood with high octane nights that the city’s most fashionable folk flock to.

Olive Bistro is a gorgeous Mediterranean getaway with a big hearted, bountiful Bistro kitchen at its heart.


  • Best European - Casual Dining Category at the Times Food Awards 2015
  • Best Ambience at the Times Food Awards 2015
  • Best Sunday Brunch at the Zomato User's Choice Awards 2015

“Culinary adventures laced with much eccentricity and belief in truly honest cooking”

Chef Viraf Patel

Executive Chef Olive Bandra,
Brand Head Olive Bistro & The Hoppery Hyderabad

Viraf Patel, known for his culinary adventures laced with much eccentricity, conviction and belief in truly honest cooking, is one of India’s most celebrated young chefs.

Viraf began his culinary escapades fairly early in life, and pursued a degree in the culinary arts at the prestigious Les Roches School of Hospitality Management. He went on to work at Restaurant Zur Rossweid, Zurich, where the largely methodical and technique-focused Chef Attinger became his mentor and challenger. Viraf attributes much of his culinary understanding, attention to detail and technique to him.

Viraf’s move back to India found him working in some of the best standalone restaurants in the country. Familiar with soul food, global flavours, and with a deep knowledge of ingredient and techniques, Viraf constantly works towards understanding of origins of recipes, and making them relevant to our time.


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NIE, Olive Bistro

NIE, Olive Bistro

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  • Olive Bistro
  • Road No 46 Jubilee Hills,
  • At Kona's Durgam Cheruvu,
  • Hyderabad - 500033
  • Timings
  • Lunch
  • 12.30PM - 4PM
  • Dinner
  • 7.30PM - 11.30PM
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  • 092489 12347


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